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The soaring heights Sanali Group has been able to attain at the vanguard of the infrastructure revolution that’s moving to embark upon the amazing growth of the Indian economy, is commendable. Sanali Group is a well known and trustworthy name in the realty sector and has its strong roots in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin. The group is aware of the changing dynamics and is continually catering to the growing residential and commercial needs.

Under the direction and chairmanship of Mohammad Noor Haq, the real estate organization has developed and grown with quality and quality over recent years. He drives the group positively to work better and better and for that, challenges them to handle and involve in all kinds of work; from Housing colonies to IT Parks, from shopping malls to commercial buildings, from residential apartments to business centers, etc.

Sanali Group’s dedication along with its quality of execution on its promises has made it one of the most respected players of the industry. To keep up to the reputation, they need to live up to the expectation of being successful in finishing a large number of high profile projects even at pivotal locations like Hyderabad and Bangalore, cities leading the Indian IT revolution.

Sanali Group has introduced two of its flagship residential complex named as Sanali Residency and Sanali Heaven in Hyderabad. Both these projects have properties that are grand and lavish with impeccably designed architecture to be boasted about. These are designed for an unmatched lifestyle – both within the luxury of your homes and out in the open spaces. These Projects have environment-friendly planned areas with green and tree-lined streets, which are a common attraction that one can a usually see at Sanali projects offer.

Something on the similar lines, can be seen in one of their most luxurious projects so far, that has been introduced at, Bangalore. The state-of-the-art luxury apartment project, the Sanali Casa Parasio are exclusive luxury apartment situated in a captivating and sophisticated urban area known as Whitefield, a major IT hub. Each one of these magnificent homes come with all of the coveted flooring, fixtures, lighting, appliances, and technologies that represent the best of luxury living. Sanali Casa Parasio residences also feature modular kitchens, which are made of diversified materials that allow you to maximize your usage of space in order to create a very functional kitchen layout.

There are numerable projects in the pipeline for Bangalore sector by Sanali group and investors are keeping a close watch on the offerings that are expected to be completed in the near future. Over all, Sanali Group covers most coveted regions which are beneficial for investment in the residential and commercial property market in India.

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