Manmohan Garg talks about the increasing growth prospects in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru’s realty sector

Investing in the real estate sector is deemed as a crucial decision which involves a lot of financial planning and strategy, agrees Manmohan Garg, Delhi based leading real estate tycoon With 2017 being a favorable year for the realty sector, a number of cities have emerged as an ideal option for investment.

Manmohan Garg, Manmohan Garg Delhi, Manmohan Garg News, Real EstateThere are various factors that determine if a city is the right and preferred choice for investment or not. According to survey conducted in 2017, Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi have the most promising real estate markets in India, with over 22 per cent votes, respectively. Manmohan Garg highlights that Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi ranked at 12, 13 and 16 positions for investment prospects and 15, 13 and 11 positions, respectively, for development prospects in the list of the 22 markets covered in the survey. A number of state-of-the-art infrastructural developments, regulations and policies have contributed in the growth and development of these cities.
The center of India’s high-tech industry,Bengaluru has emerged as one of the most sought-after cities for investment.It happens to be a demographically diverse city and the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India. The city has always been one of the favorites for both, home buyers and investors. The fast-paced development of the city has boosted its real estate sector. It has a number of well-planned roadways, some of the biggest MNCs and excellent townships.
Situated off the west coast of Maharashtra, Mumbai is a sprawling city which offers a number of advantages that make it one of the most preferred options for realty investment. Manmohan Garg emphasizes that the substantial increase in the employment opportunities has converted the city into an end user-driven market from an investor driven real estate market.
The national capital of India, Delhi is yet another preferred city for realty investment. Besides offering a high quality of life, Delhi has various good transport options, such as metro services that have improved its investability quotient. Locations like Vasant Kunj and South Extension continue to attract huge number of buyers every year. Apart from this, the city is also home to various leading corporate conglomerates. Without a doubt, what Delhi as a city offers to its residents is great. Manmohan Garg of Delhi highlights that the city has the best infrastructure facilities in terms of electricity, water and other amenities. With the increasing number of people migrating in search of better employment opportunities, the demand for residential properties in the city has escalated to a great extent.
Considering the real estate options discussed by Manmohan Garg, you are likely to make the best investment decision offering better returns in future.

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