Dilip Suryavanshi supports GOI decision to increase road construction targets next year

The federal Government of India may increase the target of Indian Roads’ construction by 50% for fiscal year 2016-17. Upto 15,000 km of road construction projects will be awarded in next financial year and Rs 60,000 crore is the expected budgetary support for this massive project. Rs 1.5 lakh crore is the estimated value of total spending.
In last financial year 2014-15, Indian Government awarded road construction contracts for almost 8,000 km road and its total spending didn’t exceed Rs 55,000 crore for that year. 10,000 km road construction was the target for the current financial year, i.e. 2015-16. During this period, 27 km of road construction contracts are being awarded every day. The Ministry of Road, Transportation and Highway has spent approximately 25,200 crore till date, which is 60% of its total budget of Rs 42,000 crore.
In next financial year, 30% of road construction contracts will be assigned to private entities and rest will be done by the government, with the help of its EPC models. Numerous private construction expertises are looking forward to this opportunity. Dilip Suryavanshi of Dilip Buildcon, is one of those enthusiasts who wants to be a part of this national development project.
Dilip Suryavanshi tells how the ministry is planning to raise the bar of construction per day which will be 41 km per day. He estimates that almost 100 projects will be assigned to various industry specialists, including both, private and government firms.
Dilip Buildcon is a Bhopal based EPC contractor, whose primary focus is just road construction and the orgnaisation is leading in this race as well. With continuous 78.44% yoy growth from the past half decade, Dilip Buildcon also builds commercial, residential and industrial projects apart from bridges, sewage, water sanitation plants and irrigation projects.

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