Beat the Cancer with right Health Insurance Policy

Fighting against Cancer is the toughest battle of anybody’s life when the individual loses his/her confidence. And lack of resources such as emotional and financial support increases the problem for the person who is going through all of it. In India more than ten lakh cases of cancer are reported every year according to WHO.

Globocan is an international cancer research project, who conducted a survey 3 years back where it was found that one insurer claim of cancer out of five are done by people aging between 36 and 45 years whereas the risk of dying from Cancer before 75 years is limited to 7% only. As the household expenditures of a household with cancer patient is 36-44% more than other households and the treatment also goes for longer time that is why it is better to insure at first place to avoid the imbalance in domestic chorus and budget of the family.

Sanjay Tripathi who is the senior EVP of marketing, product and E-commerce at HDFC Life said that critical ailment plan provides a lump sum benefit, whereas the cancer care product provides this benefit along with a waiver of future premiums. HDFC Life introduced a cancer plan dedicated to the cause which will cover the early stages of cancer. The insurer has to pay 25% of sum insured at the initial stage and 75 or 100 percent at advanced stage which totally depends upon the claim being made at an early stage. A 35 year old individual has to pay Rs 1,800 every year under the insurance of Rs 20 lakh.

If you fall in the high-risk category of people suffering from cancer, then you can get insured by paying no more than Rs 2,000 per year and keep it in mind that you better buy a critical illness plan instead of dedicated plan because the former one will cover every possible charges which are enough for paying initial surgical and generic treatment costs.

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