Apex Swap Transplant Registry completed 50 kidney swap transplants

August ended with an achievement for the nation when swap transplant registry completed the swap transplant of 50 pairs in last five years. 100 people came forward since inception of this registry and be a part of this first ever swap transplant of country.

Apex Swap Transplant Registry is the service provider for organ donation and kidney failure patients which do the matchmaking of patients before proceeding for the transplant. Parag Doshi aging 41 and 42 years old Awdesh Gupta became the 50th beneficiaries of ASTR and each other’s. Both are glad to find each other as both were in need of a pair of kidneys as theirs were not working. That is how they became the kidney couples whose needs are catered via ASTR.

Parang belongs to A+ blood group and his wife Jalpa has B+ which became the reason enough to not proceed for the transplant. ASTR came to the rescue and helped the couple to find compatible Guptas for kidney swap transplant where Awdesh’s wife Sarita donated her kidney to Parag as their blood groups were matching just like and Jalpa and Awdesh, that is why she donated her kidney to him. The transplant took place at PD Hinduja hospital and Kohinoor hospital.

Parag is a businessman from occupation who was in need of kidney and undergoing dialysis from last 15 months and the couple was eagerly waiting for the donor with matching blood group and their search finished with the Doshis. Parag’s wife was ready to donate her kidney but couldn’t do it due to the unavailability of matching blood group. Parag called ASTR a ray of hope for kidney patients like him who finally gets what they want in their lives.

ASTR is working successfully since its inception in the year 2010 in Shursut hospital of Chembur to get rid of problems occurring due to mismatching blood groups which usually leads to delay in the transplant. A senior neurologist at the hospital stated the fact that almost 5 lakh Indians get affected with kidney failure every year but only 3 to 4 out of 100 people, get the proper treatment like dialysis and transplant.

Dr. Vishwanth Billa is a senior nephrologist at Bombay Hospital and a coordinator at ASTR, addressed the masses by telling that ASTR is the first treatment of its kind which is being used in India to reduce the waiting period for patients. He also said that the transplant is conducted free of cost.

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