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    One of my friend is suffering from Gynecmastia problem. Doctor has recommended him to go for surgery but he is scared. Is it safe to opt for surgery. What are the advantages and limitations??



    Gynecomastia surgery is required in severe cases. Basically when this surgery is done it is not so painful because Anasthesia is applied before it. The extra body mass is removed with use of latest techniques.



    If you are located in Bangalore or nearby Bangalore then Panacea Hospital will be the best hospital for Gynecomastia Surgery. In Panacea Hospital Plastic and Cosmetic surgery have a different department with best doctors and experts who provide the treatment with no future side effects and use of latest techniques. Panacea Hospital is also located in mysore.
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    Gynecomastia is enlargement of glandular tissue in male breasts which occurs due to hormonal imbalance, during puberty, side effect of numerous drugs and medications etc. these patients often come with a dilemma in their minds if it is a disease to which doctors respond with a big NO, as it is not a disease and will not put their in danger but it may adversely affect their health if it is not treated well.



    My brother is going for Gynecomastia Surgery from panacea. He was suffering from so many years and used to feel so embarrassed. His treatment was going from so many months and finally doctors have given dates of surgery for next month. We are very nervous and waiting for successful surgery.



    @suchit, All the best for the surgery of your brother. There is no need to worry about the surgery. I have met around 4-5 patients who have got their successful surgeries done from Panacea hospital.
    Panacea Hospital is at a stage which is having good team of doctors and and performing well for care and treatment of their patients

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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