Lucrative Investment Plans In India After Demonetization

Post demonetization, India is slowly but surely moving towards a cashless economy. Experts state that realty sector is going to smash soon. Even the major banks have reduced FD rates. Along with the FD’s, Non-Performing Assets (NPA) too are probable to increase. Investment Summit India suggests some highly lucrative investment plans after demonetization which can endow with higher returns.

investment summit

Investment Summit India

Investment in stocks

At present, stock market (Sensex) has reformed from 28K to 26.5K. A lot of blue chip stocks have plunged over 20%. More reformations are expected to take place as Indian companies are planning to post lower profits in Q3 (Oct to Dec) and Q4 (Jan to Mar) quarters owing to demonetization. It is probably the best-suited time to invest in stocks to make excellent wealth in the long term.

Investment in mutual funds

Investment in mutual funds via SIP will prove to be a great option. Small cap and Midcap mutual funds have gone down by 20%. Investment in top midcap mutual funds will turn out to be one of the major investment plans in India to get excellent returns in medium to long term.

Investment Summit

Investment In Stocks

Invest in Tax Free Bonds from stock market

Several tax-free bonds which were offered until last year have interest rates of about 7.5%. Though, these bonds are now being traded at some premiums. The experts are expecting bank FD interests to drop in near-term quarters to below 5%.

Save money in Bank FDs for higher returns  

Presently, bank FD interest rates fluctuating from 5% to 7.5%. SBI has cut down bank FD rates to 4.5%. Further, other major banks are planning to reduce the FD rates. Save your hard-earned money for next 8-10 years. If you need money during an urgent situation, you can anytime break the FD.

Invest in gold

It is a fact that investment in gold gives higher returns in the long term. The prices of gold are less likely to fall in long term. It is one of the profitable investments across the world in long-standing. That’s why investment in gold is a safest stake.

Investment Summit India alerts that demonetization is an admonition to start investing in capital markets and other investment schemes. 

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