Standalone Net Profit goes up by 665.45% for IRB Infrastructure

Quarter 4 of FY16 has proved to be magnificent for IRB Infrastructure Developers as not only the business have grown remarkably but net profits of the company has shown an incredible hike of 665.45% which comes out to be Rs. 94.38 crore. During the previous year IRB managed to get away with only Rs.12.33 crore during the last quarter ending March 2015 thusly this year’s earnings are huge in contrast with year passed.At the same time sales have shown an upward trend of 76.80% evaluated as Rs.859.24 crore for the quarter of year under consideration as against Rs 486.00 crore earned during the last quarter ended of year March 2015.

If the assessment is done in view of complete year then net profits rose to 134.88% to be precise Rs.324.91 crore for the year ending March 2016 which is more than the double of last year’s net profit that was Rs. 138.33 crore for the previous year, additionally sales have also accelerated to 41.51%, that is to say Rs. 2767.54 crore parallel to sales from March 2015 which stood at Rs. 1995.71 crore.

In terms of growth, an official spokesperson from IRB Infrastructure mentioned, “the intensification of sales and net profits in association with preceding year’s statistics displays the undertaking of sophisticated technology, intelligent formulation of strategies and hard work which has resulted into IRB well-being. This year we aim to put in more sweat to take the standards of the company to the zenith of accomplishment.”

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