WWICS on Business Immigration and fast track process

WWICS on Business Immigration and fast track process

WWICS on Business Immigration and fast track process

WWICS makes the business immigration process in foreign lands, a smooth course of action. With headquarters based in Mohali, Punjab, WWICS looks after all kinds of immigration-related needs, be it visa requirement or immigration consultancy, the company thrives to fulfill its client base’s needs and expectations. Anybody who is looking forward, to start a business outside India or get settled for the same purpose over there, WWICS looks after everything, from visas to government approvals, from investment process to investment ; each and every doubt of yours gets cleared by WWICS.

The immigration consultancy helps the businesspersons and investors to file their cases, evaluate their business plans as per the international norms. Apart from this, WWICS also helps in preparing a business plan for the interested businessperson, so that they can establish their business overseas and operate it as per their desires.

The fast track process to get Permanent Residency with certain criteria makes the business programs more valuable. These criteria include educational qualification of the individual and rational investment along with overcoming the barricade of language.

The Managing Director and Chairman of WWICS, Lt. Col. BS Sandhu makes sure that the appropriate fast track programs solve the problems of people who are interested in establishing their business overseas, be it Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, or whichever country.

WWICS helps in getting US green card by qualifying US EB 5 Program;  getting Canadian residency or lifetime by qualifying Quebec Investor Program and various provincial nominee programs; getting settled in Australia and New Zealand because of Business Innovation Stream-Investor Category programs and Entrepreneur Work Visa-Entrepreneur Residence Visa programs respectively.

Countries like Latvia and Hungary are the best options for those who are considering the European continent a better option to establish their business and those, who wish to get the Citizenship in the Caribbean Countries, they can go for Investment programs offered over there.

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