Marvel Realtors bought its stakes back from Profolio Management Services of HDFC

Marvel Realtors bought back the stakes worth Rs 152 crore from HDFC PMS. The latter has lost its second deal in a year and half and watched 25% internal rate of return on its investments worth Rs 67 crore.

HDFC Portfolio Management Services is a listed and registered company on BSE and NSE under Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) with the assistance of official HDFC Banks’ branches across the globe.

Marvel Realtors is a top-notch luxurious property developer, located in Pune. It is one of the leading real estate developers who have satisfied the desires of various individuals. Marvel Realtors is currently occupied in crafting 40 projects in Pune which are covering 24 million square feet land in the city. A few Indian states, including Bengaluru, Goa and Pune have seen more than two dozens of master pieces of, and by the Marvel Realtors.

In the beginning of this year, Marvel Realtors gave an on-time exit to 4 Private Equity firms which turned out to be a beneficial deal too, as its combined cost amounts up to Rs 712 crore.

The designer has as of now generated revenues by offering 2 million square feet land area in last financial year only. Marvel Realtors is already in advanced talks with various concerned authorities to take over the ownership of the lands in order to develop those areas in coming times. If the organization continues running with this pace, it will unquestionably accomplish its objective to grow by 20% before the end of current year.

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