Starts to the End of an Exceptionally Sensational Economic Year 2016-17

Financial Year tips: In many ways 2016 was a turbulent, unprecedented and, for some, a distressing year. And the realty sector was not immune to the year’s inconsistencies. India’s real estate market has witnessed several drastic and transformative reforms, including Demonetization, FDI relaxations, Real Estate Regulator Bill (RERA), GST, Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act, amendment in Accounting standards IFRS −- all implemented successively. 

Financial year tips

The New Financial Year of 2017-18 has started after an exceptionally fabulous and sensational economic year of 2016-17.

In the Economic year 2016-17, we saw Sensex climbing by 20% and Equity Funds giving a normal return of 30%. Obligation Funds gave 9%-10% relying on the classification of store chose. Land encountered an awful year and saw fall in costs. Gold was level and didn’t give any upside to financial specialists.

As indicated by us, Financial year 2016-17 was great year for speculators of money related resources like Equity and Debt Mutual Funds. In any case, 2017-18 will be a testing year.

Loan fees have fallen strongly. Bank Fixed Deposit is at 7% and Debt Funds are relied upon to give 7.5% this year. Value market is exaggerated by 25% and getting additional arrival from here will challenge particularly when corporate income is moderate.

The enormous negative for Equity execution will be new IPOs of securities which will hit the share trading system in this money related year. Extra supply of new securities will suck the liquidity which would have gone to old shares generally. This will affect the cost of existing value offers. 

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