Eurokids International: from investment point of view

Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions discharged information as of late, in which it was found that education sector has received FDI of more than US$ 500 million since the beginning of this decade.

India is a nation which faces problems in education and employment sector, in order to fill that crevice, there is a need to change that education system and infuse innovation in the same.

Making that ‘innovation in education’ its mission, Eurokids International was set up in 2001. It has 850+ preschools, 16 schools and up to 1000 franchisepartners all over the country. Its publishing and distribution unit is renowned as Euro Books. Euro Books is an expert in children’s books and it has developed as Nation’s biggest distributer furthermore biggest merchant in this division.

Its gross incomes are Rs 75 crore as of now and with the equivalent excitement as on its introduction to the world, Eurokids International is planning to open 500 more preschools in coming 3 years.

Prajodh Jain and Vikas Phadnis began publishing Children’s books in 1999 with Egmont International, which is a media organization of Denmark. Later they co-founded Eurokids International.

Key to their prosperity is also one of their attributes, which is the quality of their service. That is the fundamental purpose for giving broad training to their teachers and rest of the staff by utilizing suitable study material and proper teaching assistance.

Eurokids International got its first subsidizing in 2008 from Educomp, which was Rs 39 crore. Its first K- 12 segment was propelled in 2009 in Mumbai. Today it is running 16 schools crosswise over 11 cities where 11,000 students have been enlisted.

Eurokids as of late raised its funds up to Rs 50 crore by Gaja Capital’s support, which is a private equity firm. Prajodh Jain and Vikas Phadnis are planning to use that sum in extending its verticals of K-12 segments, preschool and Euro Books.

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